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Starlight Sierra Morena Reserve - José Jiménez


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Under the best night sky in Europe, Astronomy has burst onto the scene in Andalusia with the help of Tourism, a blend of science, leisure and unbeatable physical and geographical features, offering specialist accommodation and a comprehensive and varied programme of events throughout the year. workshops, courses, sessions on astrophotography, night-time hikes observing the stars, dinners and classical music concerts under the stars, visits to centres for scientific and astronomical interpretation, observing stellar and astronomical events: eclipses, meteor showers, solstices and equinoxes, etc., designed to meet the needs of the most demanding astro-tourist.

Starlight® Country Houses and Hotels

This is another classification of the Starlight Foundation. Starlight® Country Houses and Hotels is a classification awarded by the Foundation to those establishments which, in addition to offering official high-quality accommodation, promote the values contained in the Declaration of La Palma, in Defence of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight

They also provide their guests with information on the goals of the Starlight Initiative and the means for astronomic observation as well as being involved as active agents in the promotion of the astronomical culture by offering simple facilities for observing the sky at night.

Companies specialising in promoting Astronomy

History and the Future, the search for information on the Origins of the Universe and collecting, analysing and studying data sent by space probes and that obtained from the most powerful telescopes, go hand in hand with the professional Astronomical Observatories, Universities and Astrophysics Research Centres in Andalusia which, together with the network of institutions and associations of non-professional enthusiasts of this science, perform numerous promotional educational activities throughout the year with the aim of promoting knowledge of the universe, raising awareness for the protection of the night sky, its darkness and transparency, and the reduction of light pollution in towns and cities.

The great number of infrastructures and facilities, lookout points, stellariums and observatories, as well as active tourism companies, travel agencies, etc. offering activities and workshops on astronomy, are a clear indication of the huge potential for Astro-tourism in this region.

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