Tabernas is not only a municipality, a village, a castle, a desert. It is all that and also: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Africa, Arabia ... Thanks to the magic of cinema these unique, unmistakable landscapes, currently protected under the name of the Paraje Natural Desierto de Tabernas, are known worldwide.

Also, thanks to the movies, erhaps this unique space is valued at its fair measure that, besides all that, here is the ideal place for installing the largest European solar energy, the Plataforma Solar de Almeria, with its three thousand hours of sunshine per year.

Part of its territory belongs to the Sierra de Alhamilla Natural Beauty Spot, a place of great scenic and ecological interest due to its abundant vegetation (consisting of a holm oak wood which is in very good condition and reafforested pine woods) and to its ornithological importance.

General information

Tourist Area: Almería y su Entorno Province: Almería Distance from the capital (km): 29 Altitude above sea level (m): 400 Area (Km2): 281 Nº of inhabintants: 3632 name for people: Tabernenses Postal code: 04200 Web: