Gazpacho andaluz (chilled tomato, garlic and vegetable soup). Gazpacho blanco (chilled garlic and vegetable soup). Salmorejo (thick chilled tomato soup with garlic, pepper, bread and egg). Estofado de rabo de toro (bull's tail stew). Cochofrito (boiled and fried lamb or kid seasoned with vinegar, paprika and spices). Caldereta de cordero (lamb stew). Jabalí­ (wild boar). Venado (vension). Cazón en adobo (pickled dogfish). Japuta en adobo (pickled fish). Flamenquí­n (cured ham and cheese in breadcrumbs). Revuelto de espárragos trigueros (scrambled eggs with green asparagus). Manitas de cerdo (pig's trotters).

Sweets: Lard-based mantecados. Cordoba cake. Alfajores (cakes made from honey, almonds, hazelnuts, sugar, flour, grated bread and natural spices). Ring-shaped fritters. Yemas (cakes made from egg yolks and sugar). Honey-coated pancakes. Perrunas.