Three different impressions of Granada throughout time:

Al-Suqundi, 13th century: "Granada is the Damascus of Al-Andalus, a pasture for the eyes, an elevation of the soul. It has an in-expugnable castle of tall walls and magnificent buildings. It stands out for the singularity of its river, which disseminates through its houses, baths, Moorish markets, internal and external mills and gardens".

Ví­ctor Hugo, 19th century: "Be it near or far, Spanish or Arabic, There is not one single city, Which dare dispute, With Granada, the beautiful, The prize of beauty, Nor any that show, With more enchantment or jollity, Brighter eastern sparkles, Under a more serene sky".

Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, 19th century: "Who has not heard of and admired Granada without even visiting it?".

General information

Touristic zones: Granada y Sierra Nevada, La Vega y la Campana Province: Granada Altitude above sea level (m): 738 Area (Km2): 88.02 Nº of inhabintants: 236988 name for people: Granadinos Postal code: 18001 Web: