White bean salad. Leek salad. Thick Onion Soup. Granada style soup. Granada style soup with rice. Meatball Soup. Almond Soup. Sopa de emparedados. Stuffed artichokes. Fried celery. Celery Casserole. Stuffed aubergines. Cold courgettes. Stuffed cabbage. Asparagus with green peas. Fried spinach and herbs. Panatela de nabos (turnip dish). Arab dish with peppers. Zanahorias a la Juliana (carrot dish). Green peas with cured ham. Granada style fine green peas. Chickpeas and wheat stew. Broad beans and cured ham. Granada style green broad beans. Dry bean stew. Lentil stew. Ham in soft Pastry. Rice with vegetables. Eggs with artichokes. Huevos crecidos (egg dish). Huevos encallados (egg dish). Poached eggs in tomato sauce. Fried eggs with spinach. Stuffed eggs. Huevos revueltos a la primavera (scrambled eggs dish). Granada style omelette. Sacromonte style omelette (made with breaded brain, bull or lamb testicles, potatoes, peas and sweet peppers). Omelette with anchovies. Omelette with broad beans. Tortillas del arco. Tortilla de manteca. Omelette with finely chopped vegetables. Omelette with tomatoes. Bacalao de monjes (cod dish). Red bream cooked with herbs. Pickled red bream. Sea bass cooked in avocado creamy sauce. Alhambra style hake. Lamb chops cooked with herbs. Ham pie. Fried ham. Ham cooked in gypsy style sauce. Menudo gitano. Lamb chops. Granadinas de vaca. Rodillos de ternera, (beef dish). Granada style chicken. Conejo a la labradora (rabbit dish). Partridge with cabbage.

Sweets: Pestiños (fried dough with honey, cinnamon, etc). Torrijas (fried bread soaked in milk and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon).