The landscape of the Alpujarra in Almería is a mixture of whitewashed houses, crops grown on terraces, stunning scenery and traditional Moorish towns, with their narrow, winding streets.

One of the main towns is Alhama de Almería, known as the Puerta de la Alpujarra (the Gate to the Alpujarra). The town of Laujar de Andarax, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, is also an ideal spot for rural tourism due to the stunning scenery. You can also visit the Iglesia de la Encarnación church, which has been christened the Catedral de la Alpujarra.

Nacimiento, the town where the river of the same name flows, is at the foot of the Sierra de Nevada. The land is strikingly green, due to the abundance of water here.

Discover all of the beauty of the towns in the Alpujarra region of Almería.