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Name: Belén Maya García

artist type: Dancer

Place of birth: New York

Artistic biography

Belén Maya García was born by chance in New York in 1966 during one of her parents' tours, the dancers Mario Maya and Carmen Mora. This explains why Belén began dancing from a very young age. She studied classical, Hindu and contemporary dance in Italy, Germany and England. She debuted at the Zambra tablao, after her studies in Amor de Dios. Later, she performed at the Café de Chinitas and Corral de la Pacheca. She entered the Spanish National Ballet and a year later joined the company of Mario Maya, her father. Upon establishing her own company, she goes on tour through Japan until becoming a part of the Andalusian Dance Company.

In 1997, she creates a company with the singer Mayte Martín. This partnership resulted in two shows: "Mayte Martín and Belén Maya" and "Flamenco de Cámara". Both triumphed in important festivals such as the Jerez (2002 and 2003)

In 2004, she performed in “Los Caminos de Lorca” with the Andalusian Dance Company and performed at the debut of "Fuera de los Límites" with Rafaela Carrasco.

In 2005, she presented the show “Dibujos” in Madrid. After a long period of study with Juan Carlos Lérida and David Montero, Belén presents “Souvenir“ and “La Voz de su Amo” in March 2007. In 2008, she worked as guest artist in the show ”Mujeres”, a production of the Andalusian Agency for Development of Flamenco.

In 2009 and 2010, Belén Maya works in the production of "Bailes Alegres para Personas Tristes" and continues with national and international tours of "La Voz de Su Amo" and "Solos", the new version of the show "Dibujos" and other shows in which she performs as guest artist.

In 2014, Belén Maya celebrates three decades of professional life with "Los Invitados", a show that was given the Critic's Award at the Jerez Festival, the world's most important prize, dedicated to flamenco dance.

In 2015, she presents the show “Romnia” (women, in Romanian), of which she claims: ” Romnia are the voices of gypsy women who are not flamencas, but full of jondura. My body aims to give life to those black sounds that arrive from the Orient full of sorrows kneaded by thousands of displaced persons throughout our history.”

At the end of 2016, she presents “Bipolar”, an encounter between tradition and modernity in which she travels through the history of this dance and from one end to another of this art.


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