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Name: Antonio Núñez Montoya

artist type: Flamenco singer

Place of birth: Jerez de la Frontera

Date of birth: 04/05/1930

Artistic biography

Antonio Núñez Montoya was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1930, but whilst still very young moved to Sevilla. He was brought up in the Alameda de Hércules listening to Tomás Pavón and Caracol, who he openly admires. He worked with Carmen Amaya, and even appeared in the Rovira Beleta film "Los Tarantos", until in the sixties he began to do solo tours. He recorded historic albums with Niño Ricardo and Melchor de Marchena and sang in Córdoba in 1962 the night that Antonio Mairena was handed the Third Gold Key of Song. He is the brother- in-law of the dancer Farruco, for whom he has sung on numerous occasions Standing out for his 'soleá´ and 'seguiriya´ and performs unlike anyone Manuel Torres' 'tarantos´. He won the Second 'Giraldillo´ of song in the IV Sevilla Biennial and is currently considered one of the pillars of flamenco song. He died on July 20, 2005

Artist discography

Antonio Núñez "Chocolate" has a highly extensive discography:

1969 El Chocolate. Guitarist Melchor De Marchena (LP, Album) Clave 18-1160
1970 Fosforito y El Chocolate - Cante Grande ‎(LP) Belter 22.436
1970 Fosforito y El Chocolate - Mano a Mano ‎(LP) Belter 22.437
1971 Antonio Núñez "El Chocolate" ‎(LP, Album) Belter 22.569
1972 El Chocolate ‎(LP, Mono) Belter 22.629
1972 El Cante de Antonio Núñez "El Chocolate" ‎(LP) Regal 1 J.048-20.950
1975 El Duende de Antonio Núñez "El Chocolate" ‎(LP, Album, Gat) Zafiro ZL-176
1977 Antonio Núñez "El Chocolate" ‎(LP, Album, Promo) Columbia CP 9500
1978 Antonio Núñez "El Chocolate" ‎(LP, Promo) Novola ZLF-825
1989 Los Duendes del Flamenco ‎(LP) Coliseum D-01054
1992 Cante Flamenco ‎(CD, Album) Ocora C 560029
2006 Cobre Viejo (Póstumo: Sus Últimas Grabaciones) ‎(CD, Album) Flamenco Vivo, Nuevos Medios NM 15 849 CD

Singles and EPs:
1963 Antonio Núñez "El Chocolate" ‎(7", EP) Columbia ECGE 71794
1964 Cante Flamenco Vol. 1 ‎(7", EP) Hispavox HH 16-474
1964 Cante Flamenco Vol. 2 ‎(7", EP) Hispavox HH 16-475
1964 Cante Flamenco Vol. 3 ‎(7", EP) Hispavox HH 16-476
1965 Cante Flamenco Vol. 4 ‎(7", EP) Hispavox HH 16-517
1965 Cante Flamenco Vol. 5 ‎(7", EP) Hispavox HH 16-518
1965 Cante Flamenco Vol. 6 ‎(7", EP) Hispavox HH 16-519
1966 Con gran devoción / Las tapaeras der sentío / De más talento ‎(7", EP) Columbia SCGE 81135
1966 Guitarra cuenta tus penas / Me dice mi corazón / Lamentos del Taranto / Esto que me está pasando ‎(7", EP) Columbia SCGE 81142
1966 Clavel de la Aurora / Llorando en Fandangos / Mi Corcel ‎(7", EP) Columbia SCGE 81143
1967 Salga la Luna y alumbre / Granadina de mi alma / Que Virgencita tan buena ahora te beso en la frente / Por otro la vi llorá ‎ (7", EP) Columbia SCGE 81 287
1967 Siempre por los rincones / Cinco sentíos perdí / Dices que te llamas Gloria / Triste corazón el mío ‎(7", EP) Columbia SCGE 81288
1968 Ay mi muchacho / Llorando me la encontré / Dame la espuela / Ni el alcohol que haya más fuerte ‎(7", EP) Belter 52.215
1968 Por Aquella Ventana / Cante de Levante / Pastorita y Pastorai / Quisiera Volverme Yedra ‎(7", EP) Belter 52.270
1970 Descalza te vi pasar / Si yo no quiero besarte / Al Señor del Gran Poder / Tratábamos de Engañarnos ‎(7", EP) Belter 52.356 
1970 Reniego de mi sino ‎(7", Single) Belter 07-843
1970 Mal fin tenga ese sueño mío / El Mundo es un desengaño ‎(7") Belter 07-845
1972 Tangos del Piyayo (7", Single) Belter 08.087

1968 Antonio Núñez "El Chocolate" ‎(LP, Comp) Belter 22.284
1973 Antonio Núñez "El Chocolate". Fandangos, Bujerías... ‎(LP, Comp) EMI j 048-21081    
1976 El Cante Flamenco de Antonio Núñez “El Chocolate” (LP, Comp) Olympo L-393
1978 Maestros del Cante ‎(LP, Comp) Hispavox 530 40 3234 1
1978 El Chocolate ‎(Cass, Álbum, Comp) Fast Tapes, Fast Tapes FT-1050, FT 1050        
1980 Cante Flamenco de El Chocolate. Guitar Pedro Bacán ‎(Cass, Álbum, Comp) Olivo 3.27-206
1988 Raza Flamenca ‎(LP, Comp) Hispavox 520-7915971    
2002 Maestros del Cante ‎(CD, Comp, RM) EMI, EMI 5 37798 2, 7243 5 37798 2 5
2003 "50 Años de Flamenco: 1935-1985 (1ª Época) El Chocolate", Vol. 10 (CD, Cass, Comp) Divucsa Music
2005 Antonio Núñez "El Chocolate". Mis 70 Años con el Cante (CD, Comp) Universal 0602498684504
2005 El Cante Gitano de El Chocolate ‎(CD, Comp) Divucsa 37159
2005 La Inolvidable Voz de Antonio Núñez El Chocolate ‎(CD, Comp, Copy Prot.) EMI 0946 3 46061 2 7, EMI 3 46061 2     
2006 El Cante Flamenco de Antonio Núñez El Chocolate (CD, Comp) Nadir ND-1340 CD
2006 Grandes Figuras del Cante Flamenco ‎(CD, Comp) Divucsa 37612     
2007 Grandes del Cante Flamenco ‎(2xCD, Comp) Divucsa 30151
2008 Antonio Núñez "El Chocolate". Mis 70 Años con el Cante (CD, Comp, Edición Limitada, RE, Libro) Universal Music Group, El País 9788498159417

More information

Awards and distinctions:

1965 Pastora Pavón Prize, Fourth National Contest of Flamenco Art in Cordoba
1967 Antonio Mairena Honorary Distinction
1968 First Prize at the Seventh Jondo Singing Festival in Mairena
1969 National Prize for Singing from the Flamenco Chair of Jerez
1972 Yunque de Oro from the Flamenco Chat Show on Radio Sevilla
1986 Second Giraldillo of Singing, Fourth Bienal de Flamenco of Seville
1991 Lucas López de Almería Trophy in 1991
1999 National Award for Flamenco from the Flamenco Chair of Jerez
1999 Taranto de Oro from the city of Almeria
2001 Special Ondas Jury Award for his career in the world of flamenco "as a great advocate of the pure nature of flamenco and gypsy singing"
2001 Sixteenth Palma de Plata Ciudad de Algeciras
2002 Latin Grammy Award for Best Flamenco Album, with the album "Mis Setenta Años con el Cante", Antonio Núñez "Chocolate"
2003 Medal of Andalusia for "his contribution to classic flamenco and his great singing purity"
2003 Compás Award for Singing at its nineteenth edition
2005 Medal of the city of Seville (shortly before his death)


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