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Conditions of use for the official portal on tourist information in Andalusia

The Conditions of Use regulate the access and use made by Users to all functions of interaction designed for the portal, such as commenting in its pages, uploading audiovisual materials, images, leave assessments or recommendations and exporting comments to other social networks and sites outside

To interact with the Portal, you must acquire “registered user” status, which can be obtained in several ways.

Registration Procedure

The first condition to access the portal as “a registered user” is that you must be over 18 years old.
If not, you must request a non-automatic registration by writing to the e-mail address, where parental authorisation or, if applicable, express authorisation from a legally recognised adult guardian, or the person in charge of custody of a minor.

<<Therefore, registered users of any type under 18 years of age are prohibited, unless with express written authority from the minor's legal guardian>>

On-line registration in the Portal

If the user is an adult, “registered user” can be obtained by requesting on-line registration at the same portal and completing the basic registration form with the following fields:

  • e-mail:
  • Name
  • Surname(s)
  • Country
  • Type of access you want (traveller or professional user/business)

After sending the form, the system will send an email to the e-mail address stated on the form, with a link to be followed to complete the registration process.

Click on the link that the system sends automatically, to display a screen of the system asking you to enter the access password, which you can choose freely.

Once the password has been set, you can now visit your personal profile in the portal to finish completion (not obligatory) of your profile, adding more details like the province, town and postcode, sex and age.

This type of registration is subject to the legal regulations regarding maintenance of personal data (L.O.P.D. . R.D 1720/2007 21 December) and in accordance, the company managing the website informs you of your rights in the section below on Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal data.

Registration online through open - ID social networks

Users can register automatically through OPEN ID by providing a link and express authorisation through any of the following social networks that provide OPEN ID. At present, the portal interacts with the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

In this case, the owners of your personal data are the platforms mentioned previously,and this website management company is not responsible for managing the data or for security measures that users have accepted in any of these.

The Registered user declares and guarantees that all the data and information provided for registration and use of the Website are true, exact and real, agreeing at all times to keep them updated through “My profile”.

It is expressly prohibited final to sign up as a Registered User by impersonating a third party. To this end, the managing company reserves the option to check the identity of the Registered Users should it suspect that impersonation has occurred.

If such impersonation of identity is considered manifest, the management company will immediately delete the profile of the impersonating Registered User without detriment to the management company being able to exercise all pertinent legal actions.

Additionally, through the following e-mail address, the Registered User can report cases where impersonation by another registered user is suspected.

However, when the management company receives an email reported a possible impersonation, in no case is it necessarily obliged to delete the profile of the suspected impersonator, as it will fall to the company in charge of managing the Portal to act or not, as it deems fit.

Once registered and having entered the website by log-in, you have full use of the options described above.

In the case of professional or business sections on the website, there are areas reserved for users with advanced options that require different conditions for access, such as being ”owner of administrator” in some cases, or “ professional/business user” in others.

this means that this website can request a scalable registration with various authorisations and permits, depending on access to, and use of, the advanced or management options that the portal provides. For this, depending on the functions in question, the website management company can request necessary information and documentation for true verification of the professional/business user or owner/administrator's identity according, as applicable.

Professional/Business user

In addition to basic registration in the portal through ordinary registration form on the website or through login through Open ID from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+,it is obligatory to complete additional information in the “My profile” portal,especially for Google+. More specifically the “user type” must be entered, which, when registering through Open ID from social networks, is pre-set as "traveller" and must be changed to "professional" user in order to choose the advantages and applications reserved for this type of user of the website.

The management company reserves the right to demand for this registration any documents it considers pertinent and the most suitable for accurate verification.

Owner/Administrator of website areas

Users can choose to be the owner/administrator of website areas. If they have registered in the portal as Professional/Business User, they can ask to manage resources such as accommodation, restaurants, museums, shops, etc., by clicking on the links available for this purpose on the resources of the portal with options for management by website owners/administrators outside the management company.

To this end, the company in charge of managing the website will request documentary proof of ownership and/or delegation awarded to a third party for management and administration of the websites designed for the purpose.

The status of owner/administrator of website areas has unlimited validity and the owner of the resource (transferring company) is responsible for giving accurate information to this website management company of any changes in ownership or transferral of the administration that has been requested previously, for possible revocation of access and administration permits or changes to these.

The management company of the website will never be responsible for interactions by assignees who have lost such status from the companies transferring this right and which have not been previously communicated accurately to the management company.

De-register as a user of the Portal

The website management company reserves the right to block access to any user when, due to a change in its strategy policy, change in technology applied, sufficient doubt on good use or abuse on the site owned by the company in charge of managing the portal deems fit, with no need for its notification to users.

At any time the user may request to be removed as a Registered User of any kind, by sending an e-mail indicating a wish for removal to the following address:

Removal as a Registered User of any type implies loss of all status as a portal user and therefore access or control of information posted there, which will either remain or be deleted according to the management company's criteria.

Ownership of the contents

These belong to the management company:

  • the intellectual property rights in the layout of the contents of the website (sui generis right in databases)
  • the graphic design (look & feel)
  • the underlying computer programs (including the source codes)
  • the contents, graphics, photographs, videos, sound recordings, information, comments, declarations etc. (hereinafter, the “Contents”) included therein.
  • The distinctive signs (brands, logos, commercial names, etc.) included by the management company on the Website are owned by the brand and are not be considered as content free of rights, therefore are not ceded, in any circumstance, by the management company to third parties for arbitrary use.

Contents included in the Website by Registered Users

Content subject to copyright must not be uploaded or shared unless you have express authorisation for this, and bear final responsibility before any legal requirement for undue use of content with copyright, intellectual property or similar. In any case, by accepting these conditions of use of this portal, you free the management company of the website from any kind of civil or criminal liability or of any other type in this respect.

All types of Registered Users are prohibited from including in the website and the services, any distinctive sign (brand or commercial name), unless this reproduction has been previously authorised by the legitimate owner of the distinctive sign.

Likewise, with acceptance of these conditions you should know that all the information on the portal, comments, photos/images, videos, etc., from the time of their publication, will become public and will be understood as content free from copyright which may be used by the company in charge of managing the website or by any other users without prior notification.

In all cases, it will be understood as inappropriate or abusive use of the website when:

  • Any content found on the website infringes the honour, company image and reputation of the management company or any other third party, private or legal person.
  • The Contents included on the Website infringe the privacy and/or intimacy of any third party. In particular, the Registered User agrees not to provide personal details of any third party via the portal.
  • The Website and Services include comments or contents that may infringe the basic rights of any person included in the Spanish Constitution, especially those pertaining to equality according to race, sexual condition, ideology, or creed.
  • Contents specifically for adults , sexual, obscene, indecent, or which hold any type of defence of terrorism or promote behaviour that can be considered criminal, inciting, etc.
  • Links to websites other than unless with express authorisation from the company in charge of managing this portal.

In no case will the management company be liable for comments or declarations made, and/or contents included by registered users of the Website, as in such cases the company in charge of managing the website merely hosts the information for the purposes of provisions in article 16 of Law 34/2002, 12 of July, on services of the information society and electronic commerce (henceforth, “LSSI”).

Report by Registered Users

Should the Registered User notice that any remarks or contents contrary to the principles and nature of this platform have been included on the website, and which seem to be defamatory, insulting, illegal, or in some way infringe the rights mentioned, these can be reported through the following e-mail address,

However, this communication in no case obliges the management company to remove the corresponding comment or supposedly illegal content, as it falls to moderation of content organs in the managing company to decide and act on the report.


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