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Choose the therapy that best suits your requirements. Whether you prefer traditional treatments or trust in the most advanced curative methods, the facilities available in Andalusia offer a wide range of treatment techniques:


These can be individual or group; the temperature varies according to the mineral properties and the treatment being used. 

Water jets

This involves the application of water under pressure to achieve muscular relaxation and overall stimulation. 


This is a type of bath characterised by the pressurised streams of bubbles added to the water.


There are different types according to water pressure and temperature, as well as the shape of the showers (filiform, Scottish, circular...)


These are gradual, superficial rubs.


These are machines that transform water into tiny droplets for inhalation. 


This involves the application of gases or water vapour to the respiratory system.


This is a jet of steam for individual inhalation. 

Saunas and natural grottos

These encourage the inhalation of gases and the expulsion of toxins by the body.


These therapeutic treatments use a mixture of organic and mineral substances applied externally over the entire body.

The Kneipp system

This is a therapeutic method to combat stress using the combined action of water, exercise, sunlight, clean air, herbs and a balanced diet. 

Hydroponic treatment (water as a drink)

The doctor at the spa should prescribe the appropriate dosage and best time to take it.

Algae therapy

There are different types of algae for each complaint. They are all excellent for recharging oligoelements which mineralise, balance and oxygenate the body.


Therapeutic use of the effects produced on the organism by aromas.

Mud cataplasms

The application of mud to one or various parts of the body, spread on a fabric or plastic sheet.


This treatment uses ultrasonic waves, promoting the absorption of ions and amino acids dissolved in seawater, distributing them throughout the cell tissue.


This is a manual physiotherapy technique applied to the thorax to encourage bronchial expectoration.


Treatment that uses movement for rehabilitation of patients with functional limitations.


Therapeutic application of water and mud.


Therapeutic application of a range of electrical currents.


Therapeutic application of a range of types of light.


Consists of treating the entire body with water at different temperatures. It can alleviate and even cure a wide range of illnesses through the pressure applied to the body. 

Infrared light

Heat applied to the surface of the body to alleviate pain.


The application of currents to increase absorption of biological products.

Underwater jets

Gymnasium exercise carried out in the pool with high-pressure water jets to tone the muscles and improve joint mobility.


Elimination of dead skin cells.

Ozone therapy

Technique for oxygenating the blood, eliminating free radicals that produce fatigue.


Manual technique by applying pressure to reflex points in the feet, it acts throughout the organism to improve physical and psychological condition.


Oriental massage technique that acts on the energy points and channels used in acupuncture. 


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