Nature Reserves Near Towns

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Nature Reserves Near Towns are areas, created by man or not, that meet the town's needs.

An area is declared a Nature Reserve Near a Town by Order passed by the Department of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía.

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de Castala

  • Municipality: Berja
  • Province: Almería
  • On the southern slopes of the Sierra de Gádor Mountains you will find the Castala Peri-urban Park, in the municipal district of Berja. Th...

    Mirador Tourist Office

Dehesa del Generalife

  • Municipality: Granada
  • Province: Granada
  • The city of Granada, Darro River, Alhambra and Sierra Nevada Mountains provide the backdrop for this Peri-urban Park. It has recreation a...

    Mirador Tourist Office

Dehesa del Mercadillo

  • Municipality: Ronda
  • Province: Málaga
  • Its location, alongside Ronda with all its monuments, make this nature area a good place to start your visit to the town.Another attracti...

    Mirador Botanical Garden Tourist Office

Dehesa de Santa Fe

  • Municipality: Santa Fe
  • Province: Granada
  • This area is located between the depression of the "Vega" (plain) of Granada" and the mountain systems to its south. It has a rich, varie...


Dunas de San Antón

  • Municipality: El Puerto de Santa María
  • Province: Cádiz
  • This Dunas de San Antón Peri-urban Park is outstanding because it is perfectly conserved and integrated within the town of El Puerto de S...

    Botanical Garden Tourist Office

El Gergal

  • Municipality: Guillena
  • Province: Sevilla
  • The geographical location of the El Gergal Peri-urban Park, set between the first foothills of the Sierra Morena Mountains and the right-...

    Aula de Naturaleza Guía Intérprete

El Saltillo y Lomero Llano

  • Municipality: Valverde del Camino
  • Province: Huelva
  • El Saltillo y Lomero Llano Peri-urban Park is between the villages of Beas and Valverde del Camino, with two recreation areas where you c...

    Aula de Naturaleza

Fuente Agria (Observatorio de Aves Planeadoras)

  • Municipality: Villafranca de Córdoba
  • Province: Córdoba
  • Fuente Agria (Bitter Spring) gets its name from the taste of the water that emerges from a spring within this Peri-urban Park. The forest...

    Observatorio de aves Guía Intérprete

Fuente La Zarza

  • Municipality: Hinojosa del Duque
  • Province: Córdoba
  • This Peri-urban Park is located in the municipal district of Hinojosa del Duque, and is also close to the village of Valsequillo. It is t...

    Observatorio de aves Tourist Office

Hacienda Porzuna

  • Municipality: Mairena de Aljarafe
  • Province: Sevilla
  • The Hacienda Porzuna Peri-urban Park lives on in an environment being constantly changed by human activity. It is densely populated and i...

    Aula de Naturaleza
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