Otros Enclaves Naturales

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Sites of natural interest are nature's formations that are more or less specific, unprotected or in a protected area within a greater territorial organization, and have an outstanding singularity, certain scenic beauty or a well-known uniqueness that make them worthy of their recognition as tourist sites.

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Alto Hondonero

  • Municipality: Villanueva del Rosario
  • Province: Málaga
  • In a natural space of great scenic beauty in the Villanueva del Rosario area you will find the Alto Hondonero Space, which is an exceptio...

    Mirador Observatorio de aves

Cañada del Lobo

  • Municipality: Torremolinos
  • Province: Málaga
  • Located near the city of Torremolinos, the Cañada del Lobo offers a magnificent countryside just minutes from the urban centre, the perfe...


Cañada de los Pájaros

  • Municipality: La Puebla del Río
  • Province: Sevilla
  • The Cañada de los Pájaros Natural park (Reserva Natural Concertada del Cañada de los Pájaros), is the result of the transformation of an ...

    Aula de Naturaleza Observatorio de aves Guía Intérprete

Castaño Santo

  • Municipality: Istán
  • Province: Málaga
  • Located in the district of Istán, the Castaño Santo or Holy Chestnut is an ancient tree estimated to be between 800 and 1000 years old. ...

Charca Suárez

  • Municipality: Motril
  • Province: Granada
  • La Reserva Natural Concertada Charca Suárez, en Motril, en plena Playa de Poniente, un enclave de algo más de trece hectáreas ubicado en ...

Charco del Canalón

  • Municipality: Istán
  • Province: Málaga
  • Located in the district of Istán, the Charco del Canalón is a spectacular gorge carved out by the Rio Verde River, which is crossed by ...

Chopo de El Marchal del Abogado

  • Municipality: Serón
  • Province: Almería
  • El Chopo del El Marchal del Abogado parece surgir de un mundo de seres de cuentos de hadas. Es un ejemplos de esos raros individuos ...

Cornicabra del Puente de El Valle

  • Municipality: Serón
  • Province: Almería
  • The Cornicabra del Puente Valley stands out due to its size, hence its recognition and inclusion in the list of Unique Trees and Groves i...

Cueva del Yeso

  • Municipality: Baena
  • Province: Córdoba
  • Located in the municipal area of Baena, Yeso Cave (Cueva del Yeso) is the fourth largest gypsum cave in Spain and the first to open ...

    Guía Intérprete Tourist Office
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