Huelva Gastronomy Capital

Gastronomía marinera de Huelva. Rte. Miramar


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Publication date: 2016-10-24

The City of Huelva has been designated the Spanish Gastronomy Capital for 2017. A distinction which involves acknowledgement of its unique gastronomy, its ancient heritage, history and culture.

One of the great attractions in a visit to Huelva will always be the cuisine, greatly appreciated both inside and outside Spain. So much so that the city has just been designated “Spanish Gastronomy Capital 2017”

Eating in Huelva is an exercise in peace and tranquillity, knowing how to wait for the next dish, because right from the start you'll be hooked on the delicacies to be found in this region.

The white Prawn is one of the greatest delicacies that provided by the waters of Andalusia's Atlantic Coast. Fishing for it is an age-old tradition passed on from generation to generation. The distinguished flavour, the exquisite texture of the flesh and the variety of dishes in which it is included have crowned the prawn as a leading player in the kitchen.

In almost all cities in the world geographical location has defined the character of the local cuisine. Huelva is no exception but it is a clear case of how the surrounding area can sometimes be a real stroke of luck.

Huelva wedge clams

This is certainly the case for Huelva's cuisine which has privileged access to products both from the sea and from the mountains. We're talking about mythical products like Jabugo ham and the no less famous shellfish from the area. The quality extends to meats, especially Iberian pork in its different varieties – traditional cuts from the loin, the cheek, the jaw muscles and the cold cuts-; and fish like the sea bream, tuna, sole, red mullet, wedge sole, swordfish or "choco", the local version of cuttlefish.

Furthermore, as has been the case in most of Spain in recent years Huelva has raised the level of its gastronomy, which has been relatively easy starting with these ingredients, but not everywhere have they had the same success. A level which has been virtually officially certified by the award of the title of Spanish Gastronomy Capital for 2017.

The distinction is awarded to destinations offering something special from the gastronomic point of view, and the significant fact is that Huelva is the first coastal city to which it has been awarded. To be the Spanish Gastronomy Capital means that Huelva is enjoying a year full of events and ideas in a city that already is and which we all must see as a gastronomic destination of the highest order.


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