Tradition and avant garde come together in the kitchen



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Publication date: 2015-01-29

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“El Campero“and “La Curiosidad de Mauro” bring the flavour of the province of Cadiz to FITUR

Seaweed alioli, tuna heart, Retinto beef tataki… with these and other ingredients, Mauro Barreiro and Julio Vázquez have shown FITUR that the province of Cadiz has the best products and that its chefs are capable of producing "gastronomic jewels", in the words of the chef from “La Curiosidad de Mauro”.

On this journey through time and the regions of the province, Barreiro and Vázquez explained how to make “Regañá" of Retinto beef loin marinated in a pine nut praline, in tribute to the La Janda region, highlighting the value of meat from this breed of cow, which cool themselves down on the beach when the heat comes. A tapa dressed with pine nuts as the star ingredient of the Breña y las Marismas del Barbate natural park.

In lively dialogue at the province stand, the two chefs made a "cheese and oloroso sherry delight" with liver black pudding inside it, as an example from the mountains. A dish which, according to the chef from Puerto Real, is a journey from ancient times to modernity using the best products, “and that's why the province is the envy of everyone”.

A tribute to the Campo de Gibraltar, both chefs made of razorfish kebab with a date vinaigrette to give it an African touch on account of that mixture of cultures that meet in the strait. Also a tapa of razorfish from La Atunara beach in La Linea de la Concepción with sea lettuce and onion sprouts.

Meanwhile, the Bay of Cadiz was epitomised in a snack of chickpea fritters, seaweed, shrimps and salted fish, while the Bajo Guadalquivir was represented by king prawn ceviche with jalapeño pepper gazpacho.

Some suggestions such innovative ingredients as dry tuna heart, “a product that becomes a natural salt when it is shredded”, as explained by the chef from “El Campero”.

Furthermore, Barreiro highlighted olive oil from the Sierra de Cadiz mountains with seaweed. A fusion of land and sea that the companies Oleum Viride and Suralgae have managed to bring to the market: “an oil with very interesting nuances of the sea”.

A gastronomic demonstration by the two chefs also included “Vejer para comérselo” (delicious Vejer), which went with more traditional cuisine. Under the patronage of the Conil Town Council Tourist Office, the association of chefs “Los Borriquetes” has also come to FITUR, and surprised visitors to the province stand with a aloe vera smoothie with orange and mandarin, aubergine and turmeric pie with cheese and traditional black pudding, and a fennel pollen sorbet, amongst other dishes. Meanwhile, the town of Barbate chose to present Commemorative Guide for the 7th edition of the tuna gastronomy week in Barbate.

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