Unexplored grottos for adventurous visitors



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Publication date: 2015-01-30

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La Cueva del Tesoro cave in Rincón de la Victoria will organise two caving routes through areas not used until now

The Cueva del Tesoro cave, in Rincón de la Victoria, will organise two caving routes as a tourist attraction through areas that have not been used by the public until now. The routes have been called green and red to differentiate their technical difficulty. Regarding the route taken, green is the one that will be least difficult and suitable for all levels of physical fitness. It will show the tourist route (the one which is open to the public now), the non-tourist one and the legends and hidden places of the Cueva del Tesoro. As regards the red route, it is a route that will require a higher level of physical fitness and vertical caving equipment. At all times, for safety, users will wear a helmet with its own headlamp.

Both will last approximately four hours, be 1.5 kilometres long and cost €40. It is planned to hold them every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) for groups of 12 people, who will be equipped with material provided by the Cave and accompanied by instructors specialising in caving.

As regards the design of the itineraries, the green route will go from the main entrance and visit the chamber of La Virgen and the chamber of Los Lagos (both touristic). Then you will enter the gallery of labyrinths, and see the aragonite fountain and the geological formations in these galleries.

The Marco Craso chamber will also be visited, and the Higuerón gallery (non-touristic), and the Águila, Noctiluca, and volcano chambers. From the volcano chamber, visitors will go down to the lowest part of the cave, which is not touristic: the lower galleries, where we find graffiti left by old visitors to the cave (from 1790-1959) and the documented history of the same will be given. Next, there will be a visit to the Victoria cave, and its paintings will be shown, and the formation of the galleries in this cavern, which is inside the Archaeological Park.

The red route will be just like the previous one, but take into account that it will be a activity that is a little difficult as it includes climbing two vertical surfaces that are each 25 metres high. This is designed for people with a higher level of physical fitness and technical knowledge. This route is different from the green one in that the entrance is through the non-tourist entrance, which is the entrance right above the Los Lagos chamber.



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