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Soy "Andalú" hasta la médula, de Málaga en concreto. Aunque quede feo que lo diga, pero como se come en Andalucía no se hace en ningún sitio.

El "pescaito" de nuestras costas junto al arte de un Gaditano, Malagueño u Onubense, sinceramente, no se puede "aguantá". Las migas o el salmorejo Cordobés, con la cervecita fresquita, nuestro sol y una pizca de arte; es uno de los placeres más deseados.

Las tapas de "Graná", el aceite de oliva (nuestro oro más preciado) de Jaén, etc...

En definitiva: Óle Andalucía y la gastronomía que nos caracteriza.

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Andalusian cuisine is an irrevocable legacy of past civilisations that settled in the region, of how they used local produce as well as ingredients imported from their homelands and which we now call our own, creating one of the richest ethnographic manifestations of our culture.

It's easy to learn to cook the Andalusian way. In fact, our Andalusian Recipes section provides all the know-how you need to prepare a wide variety of traditional dishes. We also recommend learning from professionals, who cook up some true delights from yesteryear, with all the colour and flavours that make our cuisine so special.

Explore our gastronomic routes where you will not only be able to try succulent local dishes, you will also take a slice of Andalusia home with you. This unique experience will let you discover a little more about Andalusia and the magic ingredient that helps make our region what it is.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions and that you will come back to tell us how your adventures unfolded.

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