Easter Week

Semana Santa en Andalucía


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In the spring, Andalusia becomes the Southern Passion. Andalusia: tradition, incense, orange blossom… heartfelt emotions.

Coming to Andalusia in Easter week, the best thing is to relax and let your senses seduce you: breathe in the subtle aroma that impregnates the city, a mixture of incense and orange blossom; feel the emotion of a heartfelt saeta (religious flamenco song) and listen to the silence of a devout crowd…

Every year, with the arrival of spring and its return to life, Andalusia gets ready to convert its streets and squares, its aromas and lights, into the stage for a representation which is, year in, year out, always the same, yet always different. Andalusia prepares for Palm Sunday once more, it trembles in the silence of Good Friday and comes to life the following Sunday, covering the distance between death and new life, this life that rises up, unstoppable, at the fiesta.

Over these seven days, Andalusia is transformed, and the local people head out onto the street in their Sunday best to celebrate the Passion, amidst the traditional religious fervour. You will discover statues of great artistic worth, paraded through the streets with the warm light of candles, the colour of the Nazarenos' tunics and the music of bands with drums and trumpets. All this combined with the mixture of aromas – incense and orange blossom – brings out the magic and awakens a feeling of privilege in all those present.

Feel the emotion of the traditional, crowded “madrugá” celebrations in Sevilla; live the passion with the “Señor” procession in Málaga, El Cautivo; follow in the footsteps of the Cristo de los Gitanos (Gipsy Christ) in the hills of the Sacromonte neighbourhood in Granada; witness the solemnity of Good Friday with the “Santo Encierro” in Huelva; see the “El Abuelo” procession head out in the early hours of Good Friday from the Cathedral in Jaén; feel the passion and commitment of the Easter brotherhoods in Cádiz; explore the streets of Córdoba amidst silence, the sound of a saeta (religious flamenco song), the sound of the bells of the capataz (procession leader)... and bear witness to the coming together of the brotherhoods in Almería.

Are you going to miss all this?



Thousands of men and women take part in the rite wearing the Nazarene habit, or as carriers, penitents, women with mantillas, or simply there to watch.




Cádiz prepares itself to commemorate the Passion and Death of Jesus in a city circled by the sea, which from the earliest days has held it in its loving embrace.




Amid the clamour of the bands playing cornets and drums, illuminated by the frail light of candles, the anticipation joins hands with a measure of restraint during Easter Week in Cordoba.




Granada, decks itself out on Palm Sunday, and awakes to the first beats of the drum which inaugurate the eight days of the Passion, Death and Resurrection.



Huelva commemorates Easter Week with traditional liturgy and professional processions.




Its confraternities and brotherhoods are have a rich and precious history, and are an essential part of the cultural heritage of the city.




The official route is varied, serious, and respectful, making the sight of each confraternities the centre of admiration.




Easter Week is Seville's main fiesta. It's a celebration which reaches levels of spiritual intensity that make it unique.


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For those who prefer to enjoy this holiday away from the bustle of these traditions, Andalusia offers a host of proposals necessary to use the time off at Easter and quesin definitely not let you indifferent.

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