A day at the fair

The April fair


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Morning, afternoon, evening and night, you can enjoy the Seville Fair almost 24 hours a day. One day you should try it!

Morning fair - The timetable for the morning involves getting to "El Real" (the site of the fair) at around 1.30pm, and staying "as long as you can keep going" (This means you can enjoy all the colour of the fair by day and the beginning of the night). Ideal for families, horse-lovers and tourists.

Evening fair - Aim to get there at 7pm. This timetable will suit you if you are tired from the day before. A little siesta after lunch and, once refreshed, head for the fair. Try not to finish too late, because the next day there is more.

Night fair - Ideal for young people. It gets started at 9pm, coinciding with the end of the bullfights, and means you can have dinner at El Real or in the surrounding area, and enjoy the fun into the early hours.


[1.30pm]  Off to the Fair
Organize the journey well. We recommend getting to El Real by horse-drawn carriage, motorbike, bus or taxi. Don´t take the car unless it is absolutely vital.

[2pm] Horse parade

This is the best time to see this colourful spectacle, inside El Real and having something to eat at one of the marquees.

[2.30pm] First drink

On arrival at the marquee you will be offered the first drink of the day. This is usually sherry, beer or "rebujito" (sherry with lemonade). It is a good idea to eat something between drinks, because before you know it "lunchtime" could be over.

[3pm] Lunch

Time for the big lunches: companies, families, commitments? you have a date.

[6pm] The bullfight

Time to head for the Maestranza bullring. At this time, many bullfighting fans change their minds and are ready to give their tickets away to friends.

[8pm] A little afternoon flamenco

Some marquees have a flamenco group to liven up the afternoon. If you have the chance, try and pop into one.

[10pm] Dinner

Dive into one of the marquees to have something to eat. Your body will need it.

[Midnight] Fireworks

Only on the last night. They are the final culmination of this fiesta.

[2am] Churros or buñuelos? (different types of fritters)

One last bite before heading home.

[?] The return

It is time to go home. If there are lots of people waiting for taxis, try the bus, which usually runs pretty well.


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