The Ways of Passion

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  • Alcalá la Real
  • Osuna
  • Lucena
  • Carmona
  • Cabra
  • Baena
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Caminos de Pasión (Ways of Passion) is a cultural tourist route where you will discover the historic-artistic heritage, cuisine, tradition, Semana Santa (Holy Week), folklore and artisan crafts of the heart of Andalusia.  

The nine participating municipalities are emblematic for their historical richness and heritage: Alcalá la Real in Jaen; Baena, Cabra, Lucena, Priego de Córdoba and Puente Genil in Cordoba; Carmona and Osuna in Seville.

Let us suggest this route with five themes, allowing you to see the authentic Andalusia in an intense and different way:

Ways of Culture

Discover the most authentic cultural heritage with impressive palaces, beautiful churches, hidden cloisters.... It's a journey through history reflected in the heritage and monuments of each place.

Sights and activities

Ways of the senses


Indulge your senses with extraordinary wines, virgin olive oils and the other local products that make up its excellent cuisine, based in our Andalusian and Mediterranean heritage.

Sights and activities

Ways of emotions

In Spring, experience the feeling of an unrivalled Semana Santa, a religious, social and cultural event that culminates in an explosion of sensation. A journey through the various religious events that take place throughout the year, carrying with them intense religious meaning and tradition.

Sights and activities

 Ways of Tradition


Enjoy a festive ambience in popular joyous festivals, fairs and processions, where folklore and flamenco find their purest and most genuine expression.

Sights and activities


Ways of authenticity

Learn about a number of artisan craftsmen whose creations have a deep traditional value and high quality, crafts that have stayed alive with the passing of time.

Sights and activities


You can find "Sights and Activities" related to each one of these themes which will allow you discover Andalusia in an authentic way, living unique and unforgettable experiences tied to our culture and traditions.

We also have a catalogue of tourism brochures available, complete with suggestions by different travel agencies who can offer the possibility of experiencing the heart of Andalusia, including complete routes for various days, as well as thematic routes and weekend getaways.

The municipalities

Alcalá la Real (Jaen)

A land of borders, a crossroads of paths and cultures. An exceptional enclave with lots of heritage in its long history, cuisine, artisan crafts and folklore, with traditions offered up by noble and loyal people under the watchful eye of the Mota Fort.

Baena (Cordoba)

One thousand years old, just like the liquid gold of its oils. Past and present come together here, displaying the coexistence of the wisdom of the various civilizations that have been developed within its walls. Old traditions are kept alive as living witnesses to the History, Art and Culture that Baena surrounds you with.

Cabra (Cordoba)

A city watched over by mountains and springs. An oasis in the countryside with a series of planted fields and white farmhouses. Baroque beauty is seen in the streets of the city, creating a harmonious and noble air. It's a perfect symbiosis of water, stone and marble, enhanced by the colours of its numerous gardens. Surrounded by a unique natural environment, where our horizons extend beyond the boundaries of the province.

Carmona (Seville)

A lookout point throughout history above the fertile meadows of Seville, a crossroads of paths and civilizations. Wandering through the streets of the old town and admiring its important heritage bears witness to the various people who lived in the city. As one of the most important centres of Roman Andalusia, today it is a town that has managed to care for and preserve its legacy. Legacy, art and heritage wanting to be shared with the traveller.

Lucena (Cordoba)

Right in the middle of the Subbética, to the south of the Cordoba province, lies the shining city of Lucena. Knowing how to live defines and has defined this "City of three cultures", where art, history and nature come together in what once was the "Pearl of Sepharad", or the cradle of romantic banditry.

Osuna (Seville)

Enjoy the magnificent monumental legacy that abounds when walking around Osuna, the ducal town declared a Historic-Artistic Complex. Its history consists of the legacies that all the civilizations who settled in the South of the Peninsula have left behind. Experience the pleasure of its colours, smells and sensations in the middle of the Sevillian countryside.

Priego de Cordoba ()

We invite you to enjoy this land with all of your senses, to walk among places where you will discover a rich historical legacy with many emblematic monuments. Let yourself go and contemplate baroque art at its best, take a leisurely stroll beside the castle or on the narrow, winding streets of the town's Muslim quarter. Feel the flow of its fountains, the smell of its streets, the light, the white of its houses, the stone of its churches, and much more.

Puente Genil (Cordoba)

Clear water and history flow in its river: The Genil Bridge, where the sun is sweet and the light is art. With a rich archaeological heritage of industrial architecture and traditions, this small cosmopolitan city, where modernity blends with the old, stands out in the southwest of the Cordoba province.

Each one of the towns of Caminos de Pasión offers the visitor excellent infrastructure and tourist services, which can be found throught the Tourist Community or on the web, as well as an important transportation network which allows for quick and comfortable journeys between the municipalities and their provincial capitals.


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