Cañaveral de León

Cañaveral de León
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Village situated in the north of the province, on the border with the province of Badajoz and included in the Sierra de Aracena y los Picos de Aroche Natural Park, one of the most important protected spaces of the Community, which occupies the whole of the north of the province with its meadows and small rises in the ground, covered predominantly in holm oak woods, cork oaks, chestnut trees and scrub through which numerous streams flow forming an extraordinarily beautiful and attractive landscape.

The Church of Santa Marina (Property of Cultural Interest), the Roman bridge over the Odiel, the large reservoir for irrigating the fields and the walls and pigsties of the area are worthy of mention. It has the oldest Bullring in Spain.


The area should start to be populated between the third and second millennium BC, during the Calcolithic period, as there is an interesting archaeological site in the Sierra del Jacaco.

Its name comes from its dependence on the Encomienda de León, and probably of the reeds that should exist at the foot of a large spring water that emerges at the center of the village and that has marked Cañaveral, beyond its name and also its shape and its history.

These lands were conquered from the Muslims in the mid-thirteenth century by the Order of Santiago, belonging to the Priory of San Marcos de León, who was in charge of repopulating the area with people from Castilla y León. From that date until the nineteenth century the village belonged to the province of Badajoz. In 1883, during the reign of Elizabeth II, it became part of the province of Huelva.

Felipe II granted it the title of village in the year 1588. From 1591 to 1598 it continued to receive Royal Privileges and Jurisdictions.

Cañaveral de León
Cañaveral de León
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Cañaveral de León
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