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The cliff called El Barranco del Poqueira is one of the most visited natural areas in the province of Granada. This breathtaking landscape of the southern slopes of Sierra Nevada, part of Parque Natural, in dizzying drops fall from the Veleta peak and fit three villages of singular beauty in the mountain slopes: Capileira, Bubión and Pampaneira.

Capileira, name of Latin origin ('capitellum, summits), considered a historic and artistic interest, has the essential characteristic that defines the image of villages of Alpujarras: a unique architecture in their homes, perfectly adapted to the broken terrain and climate of the area, which are arranged in narrow streets where the memory lingers in its Moorish past.

At the heart of the Alpujarra of Granada, the only region in the peninsula, natural step between the Mediterranean coast and Sierra Nevada, where stand the highest peaks in the Spanish territory, Capileira is a bound place on the route of the Alpujarra.


Its name derives from the Latin term capitellaria, originated from capitellum, meaning "heights".

The fact that after the Moors were expelled, Phillip II ordered to inhabit the area with people from Galicia, which leads to thinking that the name Capileira might be of Galician origin. However, under Muslim rule, these names existed and were used as now, because they are pre-Islamic designations (Ibn Almuedzí­n wrote his Chronicle of Pocaira in the 13th century and Ibn Aljatib collected names ending in "-eira" in the 14th century, and they were even used like that in the Capitulations between Boabdil and the Catholic Monarchs.

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