Mesa Roldán

Mesa Roldán
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La Mesa Roldán is located in Carboneras, halfway between Agua Amarga and Los Muertos Beach. It is a hill that has a very gentle gradient at its base but which becomes steep further up. Its flat summit is formed by corals that made the most of an underwater volcanic dome, which today is its base, to establish themselves around 6 million years ago and form a reef. Later, the reef was fossilised and, with the lowering of sea levels, it became visible.

At the top you can see a lighthouse and Mesa Roldán Tower, which is situated at one of the highest points on Almeria's coast. This tower dates back to 1497 and it is considered the most dangerous in the Sierra de Gata. This place was witness to numerous Berber pirate raids, before being left empty due to its dangerous nature after the "Moorish Uprising".

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Mesa Roldán
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