Casa de Sefarad

Casa de Sefarad
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The Casa de Sefarad, or House of Memories, is a cultural project established through a private initiative. It is concerned with Judeo-Spanish (Sephardic) culture, history and tradition, and, through its unique collection in Spain and its cultural activities, aims to rediscover and make known the extensive and rich legacy of the Sephardic tradition.

The Casa de Sefarad, or House of Memories, comprises five exhibition rooms, which tell the story of Sephardic Judeo-Spanish history and reality.

The five rooms contain a unique collection of pieces and objects from the many diverse places in the Mediterranean where Sephardic communities settled during the Diaspora (Fez, Tetuan, Oran, Tunisia, Alexandria, Izmir, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Istanbul, etc)...

Monday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm. Sunday, 11am to 2pm.

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Casa de Sefarad
Calle Judíos, Esq. C/Averroes, 14004
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