Córdoba y la Zona del Guadalquivir

Córdoba y la Zona del Guadalquivir
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As soon as this region enters the Córdoba province via Villa del Río until it leaves it via Palma del Río, it forms a green corridor more than 100 km long. Many rivers and streams flow into it and there is typical riverside woodland teeming with poplars, ash trees, white poplars and a wealth of fauna.

Due to the abundance of water, the area’s reservoirs are ideal for water sports. The river also features two nature reserves: Cardeña-Montoro and Hornachuelos, which are joined by the Montes Comunales de Adamuz and the peri-urban parks in Villafranca de Córdoba, Posadas, Guadalcázar and Palma del Río.

The local historical and cultural heritage includes the Almodovar del Río castle, which offers views of the Vega, Campiña and Sierra (fertile land, countryside and mountains), the three areas that form the Valle del Guadalquivir region.

Discover all of the beauty of the towns in the Guadalquivir region.

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Population Cores

Almodóvar del Río
Carpio, El
Cañete de las Torres
Fuente Palmera
Palma del Río
Pedro Abad
Santa María de Trassierra
Villa del Río
Villafranca de Córdoba

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