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Village situated between Sierra Nevada and the Sierra de Gador, in the eastern part of the Alpujarra, in the high part of the course of the river Andarax, it is made up of three centres of population: Fondon, Benecid and Fuente Victoria, positioned on land comprised of fertile plain and mountains.

It possesses an interesting historical-artistic heritage, especially the Mudejar church of Fondon, as well as other sumptuous buildings and stately homes.


In its area a mountainous zone and a depression known as Llano de Andarax can be distinguished. In this depression are the three centres of population of the municipality: Fondon, Benecid and Fuente Victoria (Cobda, Presidio). They still preserve the typical structure of the Berber villages.

Not much is known about its history before the War of the Alpujarras (1568-1570). During the Al-Andalus period, this was where the area of Andarax ended and that of Luchar began. The population of the Andarax Plain (Llano de Andarax) during this period must have been significant because in the year 1568 Fuente Victoria had 100 Moors and 4 old Christians, Fondon had 143 Moors and 7 old Christians and Benecid had 60 Moors. After the war, the Moors were expelled. The area was left practically deserted. Repopulation was initiated at the end of 1572 with people from Valdepeñas de Jaen, in greater numbers, and from Salamanca. Throughout the XVII century the Moorish agricultural structure and their type of crops were maintained.

The urban structure of these nuclei of population remained intact to begin with, the same as in Moorish times. The accumulation of agricultural income and later, income from the mines meant that during the XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries the appearance of the villages began to change with new buildings which make up the current structure of the village.

The workings of the iron and lead mines of the Sierra de Gador were important. The mining activity was known about from a long time ago. At the beginning of the XIX century there were lead and munitions factories in this municipality.

Nowadays, these villages face a healthy future with the development of rural tourism which exploits their scenery and traditions.

Eminent citizens
Bernardo Martin del Rey, poet.

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