Albaycín (antiguo barrio árabe)

Albaycín (antiguo barrio árabe)
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The Albayzín is one of the most important signs of the identity of Granada. The houses sprawl over a steep hillock opposite the red hill on which the Alhambra stands. Its streets are sinuous, narrow and hidden; its bright squares, secluded and intimate; the palaces, large old houses and churches are brimming with art and history.

In the Albayzín there are many Mudejar towers and cármenes - typical houses from Granada, with gardens. The San Nicolás and San Cristóbal viewpoints offer magnificent views of Granada and the Alhambra. In this quarter, with its cheerful bustle and a very pronounced Moorish flavour, one can find the remains of mosques, minarets and Spanish-Arab cisterns.

And the Porras, Cristo de las Azucenas and San Miguel Bajo squares make visitors experience the nostalgia for old times that are long gone.

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Albaycín (antiguo barrio árabe)
Barrio del Albaycín
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