Isla Cristina

Isla Cristina
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Village situated in the west of the province, on the touristic Coast of Light (Costa de la Luz). It is a young, modern, hospitable and clearly seaboard town; a paradise of salted fish and fish conserves, especially tuna. It has numerous points of interest for tourists, from its magnificent beaches or complexes (Islantilla, the one in the Centre and the one in Punta del Caimán) to the famous Carnival and Atlantic Choral Festival.

In its municipal AREA is the Marismas de Isla Cristina Natural Beauty Spot, a complex of salt marshes with habitats of varying degrees of salinity in which different plant communities develop. There is also a significant bird community in the estuaries of the river Guadiana and the river Carreras.


Isla Cristina
Isla Cristina
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Isla Cristina
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