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Játar is one of a group of towns in the Poniente Granadino area that are a benchmark for tourism thanks to their beautiful location.

Located near the Bermejales Reservoir, it lies in spectacular countryside on the northern slopes of the Sierra Tejeda Mountains, a splendid mass of red sandstone surrounded by green vineyards, yew trees and pine forests; and in winter its peaks are covered in a blanket of white snow.

There are so many reasons to visit this district, including:

Hiking along paths of great beauty: La Maroma, Puerto de Competa-Cerro Cenacho and the recently opened Mycology Trail.

A visit to the 16th-century Mudejar church, the Las Peñuelas Lookout Point where you'll find the remains of an old water mill and the Permanent Exhibition of Freeze-Dried Fungi.

Lingering among the sources of spring water like the Nacimiento Menudo, La Cueva, La Agüilla Rincón, the Fuente de Doña Ana and the Nacimiento Gordo where the recreational area is located. If there is anything which is always present in this district, then this must be water, which represents 50% of the heraldic shield and fills with air and the landscapes with its constant babbling.

Enjoying the cuisine with garlic-flavoured kid-goat and traditional festivals held during the second week of August, very important for visitors who come here to enjoy the traditional hospitality of the local people.

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