Guájares, Los

Guájares, Los
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In Sierra de los Guájares, the first mountain step together with Sierra de Lújar that leads from the coast to the southwest face of Sierra Nevada, lie three locations: Guájar-Alto, Guájar-Faragüit and Guájar-Fondón, which retain the features of the Moorish farmhouses that established them and constituting a municipality as in Arab times. The three locations are watered by River Taha and linked by road.


The merging of Guájar Alto, Guájar-Faragúit and Guájar-Fondón gave name to this municipality.
The name derives from the term wayer, meaning "the gorges", although others say it means "river of rock roses". It retains the character of the Moorish farmhouses that established it.
Guájares, Los
Guájares, Los
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Guájares, Los
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Guajareños, Guajaralteros, FaraGüileros, Fondoneros.
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