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Publication date: 2015-10-26

The Sierra Nevada ski resort will open the season with renovated facilities and lifts, after an investment of over 3 million euros. 

Today Francisco Javier Fernández chaired the board meeting of Cetursa, in order to renew its members.

The mountain and ski resort of Sierra Nevada will open for the coming winter season 2015-2016 with a considerable renovation of its facilities and lifts, after an investment of over three million euros.

This was the announcement today of the Minister of Tourism and Sport, Francisco Javier Fernández, who chaired the board meeting of Cetursa to celebrate the renewal of its members.

Fernández informed the company's partners of the innovations of the season with an investment of over three million euros, of the strategic lines of Cetursa for the new campaign, the return of the Freestyle World Cup Freestyle in 2016 and the tourism promotion that the Ministry of Tourism and Sport will provide the Granada area.

One of the main innovations can be seen in the Al-Andalus cable car, the most used and emblematic of the resort, a lift that has been operating for 25 years and which will be more comfortable and faster, after a structural and mechanical renovation this summer with the replacement of 400 pulleys and 50 rocker arms, all the bolts and nuts and two bollards.

A new system has also been added to increase its maximum speed to 6 metres per second (compared with 5.2 metres previously), as well as systems to improve accessibility, adapting the height level to the ground of the resorts, and a full renovation to improve the comfort of the 65 cabins. The remains of lifts at the resort has undergone relevant review.

Amongst the improved facilities, we can note the refurbishment inside the Borreguiles building (with new public bathrooms and waterproofing of the terrace of the restaurant), various actions in the Monachil, Parador, Stadium and Jara lifts, the new illumination of the Río and Maribel slopes for night-time skiing, the renovation of windbreakers and the repair of all the machines, and the addition of a snowbike.

Renewal of the board

The new members of the board are, in addition to the minister as chair, are the Vice-Minister of Tourism and Sport, Diego Ramos, the General Secretary for Sport, Antonio Fernández, General Director of Sporting Activities and Promotion of Sport, María José Rienda, General Director of Heritage, Antonio Miguel Cervera, and Advisor- Delegate of the Public Entity for the Management of Tourism and Sport of Andalucia, Javier Carnero.

Furthermore, they incorporate an organ of the society, the delegate of the Government of Andalusia, Sandra García, General Director of Cetursa, María José López, the Provincial Delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sport, Ana Gámez, the Provincial Delegate of the Environment and Land Planning, Inmaculada Oria, the Mayor of Granada, José Torres Hurtado, the Municipal Councillor of Culture and Sports of Granada, Juan Manuel García, the Mayor of Monachil, José Antonio Morales, the President of the Regional Government, José Turísticos, and the representative of BMN-CajaGranada, José Antonio Montilla.


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