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Village belonging to the AREA of Alto Andarax, situated in the west of the province, in a zone which is principally agricultural and whose greatest wealth is in the cultivation of vines and olives. Its physiognomy still preserves harmony and traditonal traces which give it an air of tranquility and peace. The Mudejar style church enhances this.


Its name means small lakes as there used to be springs near the village. Its origin is Hispanic-Roman, although others think its origin is Arabic. There is a great wealth of archaeological remains in the AREA, a sign of the settlements of other times.
During nazari times it belonged to the AREA of Luchar. The Christian conquest at the end of the XV century, the Moorish uprising of 1568 and their subsequent expulsion from the Kingdom of Granada, have marked its history until the present day. In 1569 don Juan of Austria settled here with the aim of ending the revolt of the Moors. After their expulsion in 1570 the repopulation of the AREA was carried out with old Christians, the majority from western Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha and Valencia.
In the last third of the XIX century and beginning of the XX its economy was orientated, as in other zones of the province, towards the production of the Ohanes grape for export, but the crises in Europe at the beginning of the century would end this commerce. The growing of vines then became orientated towards small amounts for making wine which began to be highly appreciated.
Although traditions such as "el entierro de la zorra" and "la marranica" have been lost, the tradition of "Resucitaí­llo" on Easter Saturday is still preserved. The church square is decorated with plants and poplar branches from the river for the procession at six in the morning of the images of Jesus and Mary who are taken through the village separately but end up meeting in the square.

Eminent citizens

Antonio Sedeño, writer.
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