Condado de Huelva Wine Trail

Condado de Huelva Wine Trail
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Wine is the offspring of culture and nature, part of the history of all generations, which is thus reflected on the Condado de Huelva Wine Route to get the most from the region's potential for wine tourism.

Today, most well-established vineyards in the Condado de Huelva region are run by third generations, who uphold the legacy of their ancestors and are committed to technological innovation. The Designation of Origin (D.O.) Condado de Huelva acknowledges the quality of the grapes that are grown in the region's 6,000+ hectares of vineyards, especially the Zalema grape that is native to Huelva.

The "Club de Producto Ruta del Vino del Condado de Huelva" (Region of Huelva Wine Route Produce Club) offers visitors 11 Wine Tourism Options for gaining insight into the local wines and potential resources, aimed at both beginners and experts alike who wish to immerse themselves in the wine-making traditions of Huelva. To that end, various options are available such as the world of bulls, horses, gastronomy, Columbus Sites, Monuments, Doñana National Park, etc.… which further enhance the wine routes that underpin the Condado de Huelva region.

Wine tourism encompasses fundamental resources associated with wine and its culture. In the case of the Condado de Huelva region, nine wineries from the Region, inbound tour operators from Huelva, the Federación Onubense de Empresarios (Huelva Business Federation) and the Huelva Regional Council Tourist Board in collaboration with the D.O., have launched this Produce Club to present a wide range of Wine Tourism attractions and consolidate the development of the traditional winemaking offer in the Condado de Huelva region.

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Condado de Huelva Wine Trail - 1
A Palos de la Frontera
B Moguer
C Niebla
D Palma del Condado, La
E Bollullos Par del Condado
F Rociana del Condado
G Almonte
H El Rocío
I Doñana
Condado de Huelva Wine Trail - 2
A Thursa Incoming Huelva
B Atlantour Viajes
C Viajes Luz
D Viztor Viajes Moguer
E Grupo Sentire
F Centro del Vino Condado de Huelva
Condado de Huelva Wine Trail

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