Motorbike Route through the Sierra Morena - Cordoba

Motorbike Route through the Sierra Morena - Cordoba
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Motorcycle Route through the Sierra Morena - Cordoba

This route winds through the Cordoban Sierra Morena, giving you the opportunity to discover a series of towns in the interior of the province which have survived over time, protected by the Sierra de Hornachuelos and the Cardeña y Montoro Natural Parks.

There are eight municipalities, and each one has held onto the legacy of their different ways of living, folklore and authenticity.

From the gastronomy, much of the year based in large game, small game and livestock, to the countless viewpoints and recreational areas that we can find for public use in the parks.

A good way to discover the most authentic inland region of Andalusia on your motorcycle.

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From Hornachuelos to Villaviciosa de Córdoba. Total: 52.4 km: Approximately 1 hour and 11 minutes. Hornachuelos is a municipality emerging between two ravines, on top of one of the many mountains of the Sierra Morena, white with lime, bathed in sunshine and surrounded by vegetation that, despite its thickness and conservation, has allowed the coexistence of man with nature for centuries and the survival of a multitude of animal species. This is why it is a protected area, the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park. From Villaviciosa de Córdoba to Villanueva del Rey. Total: 23.5 km: Approximately 27 minutes. Villaviciosa de Córdoba is tucked away in the heart of the Sierra Morena, where the natural green of the rugged land is criss-crossed by the Guadiato and Névalo rivers with nature offering a range of amazing colours and smells. It's a town to stop in and enjoy the cuisine of the region. Its San Isidro pilgrimage is quite special, as almost the entire village goes out to the countryside to enjoy the picnic. From Villanueva del Rey to Espiel. Total: 15.2 km: Approximately 16 minutes. Villanueva del Rey is a clean, white town, and thanks to its surrounding wide meadows full of game, it has a long hunting tradition. In addition to this, there are also some Megalithic Tombs in the Don Juan Mine (Puertocacho) dating from the Chalcolithic period (approximately 2500- 2000 A.C.) and an archaeological site in the Cerro del Ermitaño worth noting. Bordering the edge of Puente Nuevo Reservoir, we ride towards Espiel where we continue along the beautiful Andalusian pastures. From Espiel to Villaharta. Total: 16.4 km: Approximately 18 minutes. Villaharta is a small village of the Cordoban Sierra Morena and is part of the routes connecting the Cordoba Caliphate with Extremadura. Today, the population lives on farming and agriculture. From Villaharta to Obejo. Total: 21.3 km: Approximately 27 minutes. The town of Obejo is situated on hilly land, covered with Mediterranean vegetation and olive trees. Its greatest natural interest lies in the large number of rivers crossing through it, constituting the largest water contribution to the capital. The village itself sits on a hill, cradled by the mountains. It looks quiet and calm, and is presided over by the interesting Church of S. Antonio Abad. The quiet is interrupted by the famous San Benito celebration, where 32 men of the village perform the Dance of the Swords, an activity of great touristic interest. From Obejo to Adamuz. Total: 29.0 km: Approximately 43 minutes. Adamuz has been inhabited since Neolithic times, as evidenced by the remains found in the various caves of the period, specifically located on the Cañaveralejo. In 1566 it was bought by the Marquis of Carpio to Felipe II. In the 16th century, the population was decimated because of the plague. Today, this town is included in the Montoro - Adamuz designation of origin (D.O.) for olive oil production, thanks to the richness of its olive groves. From Adamuz to Montoro. Total: 17.4 km: Approximately 23 minutes. The municipality of Montoro, declared a Historic Artistic Complex in 1969, offers a multitude of tourist attractions, such as the bridge over the river, the San Bartolomé Church, the Casa de las Tercias, its hilly streets with white houses, and the Torre de Villaverde. This spot is nestled between three distinct landscapes: La Sierra de Cardeña and Montoro (Natural Park), the Guadalquivir River and farmland, defining its character and the richness of the area.

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Motorbike Route through the Sierra Morena - Cordoba
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