Andalusia, your Roots

Andalusia, your Roots

"Andalusia Your Roots” is a recent initiative focussing on tourist products within the framework of ancestral or roots tourism.

Tourism based on feelingshistorical and family ties which connect regions, countries and cultures, and in the case of Andalusia have become extended over numerous parts of the globe.

This is how Andalusia offers visitors a dual experience, which involves not only those elements most related to tradition and cultural heritage, but also others which make it a modern and cosmopolitan destination.

With “Andalusia, Your Roots” new and attractive products are being promoted that contribute to enriching the tourist experience in Andalusia, while also helping to satisfy the motivations for travel tourism based on family, emotional and cultural ties.

The cultural links focus on furthering knowledge of Andalusia and its tangible and intangible heritage, as a connection with other cultures and peoples that have passed through their region and forged the history, customs and monuments of our region.

There is room particularly for Al AndalusSephardic and Latin-American tourism as well as that of those Andalusian people who had to emigrate for whatever reason and their descendants.