Al Andalus Roots

Discover the Al-Andalus roots for our region. Andalusia, your Roots.

Andalusia has professionals specialising in Al-Andalus tourism, with a growing selection of interesting experiences, places and services to satisfy the most demanding requirements, together with delicious local cuisine. Major sporting events, theme parks, exclusive shops for international brands, small shops and leisure centres. Varied natural assets together with an unbeatable climate, full of contrasts and green landscapes, mountain ranges, high mountains, rivers, snow and over 800 km of coastline with a numerous selection of excursions for you to exploring the surroundings. Prestigious health, beauty, rest and relaxation centres,

Travel back in time along historic routes that will display our universal heritage, routes that have linked peoples and cultures and share their traditions, evocative landscapes, historical sites, palaces and monuments steeped in legend, craftsmen inheriting secret techniques and knowledge, gastronomy and shared flavours.