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Utrera is one of the most important towns of the province, due to its economic prosperity and its rich history and heritage. It is located 24 kilometres from the city of Seville, capital of the province, even before entering the town one is impressed by its elegance. The noble residences, churches and convents are all imposing.

The most relevant are the Castle, the Parish Churches Santiago el Mayor and Santa Marí­a de la Mesa, the Sanctuary de la Consolación, the Convent of la Purí­sima Concepción, the residence of Arias Saavedra, the Riarola residence or El Niño Perdido.

The natural reserve Complejo Endorréico de Utrera is located within the town limits. It comprises the lakes of Alcaparrosa, Arjona and Zarracatí­n, and is of great environmental importance due to its marshland vegetation and bird population.


The first human settlements date back to prehistoric times. A large number of remains of the Neolithic and Iberian periods have been found.

In Roman times it was called Castro Vinaria and Pliny included the city amongst the most important of Andalusia. Although no remains of the Roman city have been discovered, the size of the necropolis indicates that the city must have been a very important one.

Following the Christian Reconquest undertaken by the king Ferdinand III, in 1253 Alphonso X distributed the lands of the region and had a fortress and ramparts built. In 1340 the city was taken back by the Muslims. It was finally conquered by the Christians under the leadership of Don Juan Manuel during the reign of Alphonso XI. In 1369 it was destroyed by Mohamed V. Henry II was forced to increase the privileges of the city in order to foster its repopulation.

After the war of Granada and during the 16th and 17th centuries the city grew.

The War of Independence was a big setback from which the city recovered very slowly during the 19th century.

Eminent citizens

Mateo Albarrán.
Diego and Francisco de Montesdeoca.
Hernando López.
Manuel de Saldaña.
Diego de Coria Maldonado.
Rodrigo Caro.
Juan de Montesdeoca.
Sister Catalina Vega.
Serafí­n and Joaquí­n Álvarez Quintero.
Diego Corrientes Mateos, bandolero (bandit).

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  • Min 17
  • Max 64
  • Min 62
  • °C
  • °F
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