Valle del Zalabí

Valle del Zalabí
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Since 1973 this municipality Valle de Zalabí consists of the localities of: Alcudia de Guadix, Exfiliana and Charches, and forms a part of the Natural Park of Sierra de Baza, a real "climatic island" for its humidity and dense vegetation with heights of over 2,000 m, which contrast deeply with the surrounding AREA.

The administrative head of this municipality with the Town Hall and service department are located in Alcudia de Guadix.


The origin of this village, like the whole AREA meant expelling the Moors as well as an end to the eight centuries of coexistence in Al-Andalus of three different cultures: Muslim, Catholic and Jewish.
Valle del Zalabí
Province of Granada
Valle del Zalabí
The weather today in Valle del Zalabí
  • Max 20
  • Min 6
  • Max 68
  • Min 42
  • °C
  • °F


Valle del Zalabí
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Alcudianeros, Esfilianeros, Charcheros
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