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The municipality of Válor is located on the south face of the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada.

It is situated between two difficult gullies in the Upper Alpujarra and shares the typical features of all the surrounding villages: a distinctive type of architecture in the buildings, perfectly adapted to the structure of the irregular land and to the climate of the area, which are arranged in narrow streets where the memory lingers of the Moorish past, and that each year in September, is recovered with Moors and Christians celebration, one of the greatest of all Andalusia.

The old Arab villages Nechite and Medina Alfahar municipality belong to value.


It had its moment of splendour under the Arab Andalusian period when all of the Alpujarra was an important agricultural centre, specializing in silk production.

Under the Nasrid period it was part of the Taha de Juviles.

Birthplace of Don Hernando de Córdoba y Válor, who proclaiming himself as Abén Humeya, organised an uprising against Phillip ll, causing a general revolt amongst the Moors from all over the kingdom of Granada.

Internal disagreements amongst the Moors in 1569 caused the assassination of Abén Humeya, allowing Don Juan de Austria to terminate this revolt.

The Moors were eventually expelled in 1609 and the village was later repopulated by people from Jaén.

Important characters
Don Hernando de Córdoba y Válor, was crowned by his village as Abén Humeya, King of La Alpujarra.

The weather today in Válor
  • Max 20
  • Min 13
  • Max 68
  • Min 55
  • °C
  • °F
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