Cueva de Los Letreros

Cueva de Los Letreros
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Located in the town of Vélez Blanco, at the Los Letreros Cave were discovered diverse cave paintings with scenes related with the activities of the first inhabitants of southeast Spain. The place, used as shelter, was part of the large Site of Prehistoric Painting in the Spanish Mediterranean Basin, declared by the UNESCO as World Heritage.

The Los Letreros Cave contains representations of what is known as Levantine-style Prehistoric Painting, with highly schematised animal figures (goats, deer, etc.) as well as men and women, usually with bowed arms and legs, dating to around 5,000 BC.

The Los Letreros Cave was declared National Historic Monument in 1924, and more recently a World Heritage site. At this rock shelter the Indalo figure was discovered, representing a man holding a rainbow with his hands, and which has become the most representative symbol of Almeria.

Adults: 2 € Children up to 14 years: 1 €

June, July and August: Wednesdays, at 7pm. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, at 7pm. Rest of the year: Wednesday, Saturday and public holidays, at 4:30pm. Sunday, at noon.

To visit the Los Letreros Cave, you must go to the meeting point with the guide, from which you will continue with your own vehicles until the start of the path that leads to the cave (approximately 1.5 km) The meeting point is at the entrance to the Pinar del Rey camp, opposite the Anroroil petrol station of Vélez Blanco.

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Cueva de Los Letreros
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