Villanueva del Rey

Villanueva del Rey
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Located in the north of the province, in the Alto Guadiato region, Villanueva del Rey, like the rest of the villages of the Sierra, features a landscape made up of agricultural land and large holm oak pastures.

The village itself, semi-hidden in a small hollow, emits an air of peace and tranquility.


The village"s name is derived from two sources: its comparatively recent creation -in the early 14th century- and the fact that it was originally under the jursidiction of the Council of Cordoba, which made it Crown property.
Large stone remains and castreño constructions have been found, bearing witness to the AREA"s prehistoric roots.
Villanueva appeared in the early 14th century and belonged to the city of Cordoba, thus avoiding aristocratic control, for the whole of the late Middle Ages.
Its church belonged to the Archdeaconate of Pedroche and the AREA was devoted primarily to woodcutting.
Villanueva del Rey belonged to the Crown, hence its name (rey meaning king). In 1637, King Philip IV, put the village up for sale, and it was purchased by Pedro Gomez de Cardenas. The village thus became arsitocratic property, and its new owner changed its name to Villanueva de Cardenas. It later became a county when its proprietor received the title of Count.

Eminent citizens

Pedro Gomez de Cardenas, governor and Viscount (1590-).
Villanueva del Rey
Villanueva del Rey
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Villanueva del Rey
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