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NAC is the digital platform with the largest and most detailed catalogue of tourist resources in Andalusia, providing information on more than 20,000 elements.

Tourist companies, services and resources use NAC to administer their content for the purpose of creating Andalusia's largest digital catalogue of tourist products. This enables the platform to gather detailed, updated information on tourist companies, services, destinations and resources to be stored, distributed and made available mainly for digital distribution services and tourist promotion.

This information includes details of tourist services and resources such as descriptions, multimedia, characteristics and other data regarding resources organised by territory, category and type.

The content is digitally accessible so that third-party services such as tour operators, wholesalers and retailers and those specialising Andalusia as a tourist destination, can use them on their websites and platforms and in their promotion and reservation systems.

The aim of NAC is to promote Andalusian companies and destinations and help them in the difficult process of digital transformation by providing them with the opportunities that the new digital era has brought to tourism.