Isla del Trocadero

Isla del Trocadero Type: Nature site Province: Cádiz Municipality: Puerto Real
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Paraje Natural Isla del Trocadero
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La Isla del Trocadero Natural Space is located at the entrance to the city of Cadiz, separated from the continent by a channel of the same name. It is situated in the south of the Bay of Cadiz, southwest of Puerto Real. This marshy area is inside the Bay of Cadiz Nature Reserve and it boasts high ecological and natural value. Its landscape, which stretches from San Fernando to the next town of Puerto Real, really makes the visit worthwhile. Sunset is one of the best times to observe the true beauty of this place as flocks of birds are constantly on the move.

The area is a habitat for relaxation and nourishment for many aquatic birds, both in winter and during their migratory routes, and it plays a special role as a breeding ground for some species, mainly gulls and waders, and as a breeding and spawning ground for European South Atlantic populations of fish, crustaceans and molluscs .

Reproductive birds in this area include the yellow-legged gull, Kentish plover, pied avocet, black-winged stilt and little tern. Spoonbills, flamingos and herons also nest and breed here. Sedentary birds include the woodlark, white stork and zitting cisticola. These are the reasons the space has been declared a Special Protection Area for Birds.

On the south of the island you will find the ruins of San Luis Fort, which formed a part of the fortifications of the Bay of Cadiz. In addition to having a historic past, the island also enjoys extensive archaeological heritage, as various types of Phoenician and Roman amphorae and the remains of canon balls from the Peninsular War have been found beneath the castle and its surroundings.

General information

Extension: 525 hectares Date of declaration: 28/07/1989 Environmental units:The Atlantic coast of Andalusia

Interest Points

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    El Fuerte de San Luis se levanto durante la Guerra de Sucesión Española, con la colaboración de ingenieros franceses hacia 1706. Primeramente era un simple reducto formado con lastres, lodo y estacas, pero sería en 1737 cuando quedó revestido de cantería y adquirió una estructura militar adecuada. Con la Guerra de Independencia sufrió un fuerte deterioro, por cuyo motivo fue necesario iniciar su reconstrucción. Estas obras se llevaron a cabo tras la retirada defensiva del ejército francés en el año 1812 bajo el mando del lugar teniente Dugnay Tronin, de origen francés.

    Con independencia del perímetro amurallado, la superficie habilitada en el fuerte estaba compuesta por un edificio rectangular, situado en el lado exterior que limita con la bahía y paralelo al istmo que une Cádiz con San Fernando. En dicho edificio estaba ubicadas las dependencias: pabellón de la tropa, aljibe, capilla, nueva aljibe, pabellón de oficiales y el polvorín con las debidas defensas amuralladas. La puerta de entrada al recinto amurallado estaba situada en el extremo más próximo a la Salina del Consuelo, y contaba con un bien cuidado embarcadero.

    Municipality:Puerto Real

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Municipality:Puerto Real


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