Motorbike Route in the Alpujarra - Granada

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Sierra Nevada
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Alpujarra de Granada
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Alpujarra de Granada - Pampaneira
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Alpujarra de Granada - Calles de Pampaneira
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Alpujarra de Granada Panorámica
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Alpujarra de Granada - Pampaneira Casas
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Motorcycle Route in the Alpujarra of Granada

With this route, we want you to discover some of the richest regions of Granada. We leave from the Marquesado de Guadix region to enter into the Sierra Nevada National Park and the limits of the region known as the Alpujarra, finishing in the Valle de Lecrin, very close to the Vega de Granada. 

These regions, surrounding the highest mountain of the Iberian Peninsula and making up the Sierra Nevada National Park, have common features, especially climatically, in regards to their proximity to the Sierra and unique characteristics that constitute rich and interesting activities for discovering them in depth. 

Each one is varied and unique, already more than enough reason to explore each of the regions for their ethnographic, natural, cultural and gastronomic richness.


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Type: Motorcycle Routes
Season: Autumn, Spring, Summer

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From Guadix to Laroles.
Total: 47.1 km: Approximately 55 minutes.

We leave from la Hoya de Guadix and el Marquesado, a region contrasting in its colours, with the red plains and the green valleys of its numerous rivers, and head towards the mountain on the only road that makes its way into the Sierra Nevada, crossing it completely.

Guadix is possibly one of the oldest human settlements in Spain, with human troglodyte settlements and was the gateway to Andalusia in the routes from the Levante.

But one thing that characterizes Guadix is the uniqueness of its constructions and cave houses, an example of maximum use of natural goods, domesticated for human life.

From Laroles to Trevélez.
Total: 48.2 km: Approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes.

On this suggested section, now on the south side of the Sierra Nevada travelling through its foothills before the Trevélez ascent, the surroundings are incredible, making you realise the magnitude of the mountains and the beauty of the landscape that descends into the sea on Granada's Costa Tropical at Motril. There are many small towns that dot these foothills of the Sierra Nevada National Park, such as Medina de Alahar, Valor, Medina Bombarón and Bérchules. We recommend the occasional stop to see their uniqueness. All of them are an ideal place to rest and recuperate with their wonderful Sierra cuisine.

From Trevélez to Capileira.
Total: 23.2 km: Approximately 30 minutes.

Trevélez is the highest village in Spain, located at an altitude of over 1,400 metres. It has a crescent shape and is virtually encased in mountains. This altitude facilitates the town's role as a natural drying spot for cured meats and hams, which are renowned for their high quality. It's definitely something that should not be missed, as in the town there are several dryers that can be visited, where you can discover this delicacy.

Going towards Capileira, another emblematic site of the Granada Alpujarra, we pass by Bubión, a white, hanging village, sandwiched between mountains and steep slopes. Here we recommend a stop in the tourist town of Bubión, where, with a familiar and friendly environment, you can stay the night or simply enjoy a good Sierra meal.

From Capileira to Lanjarón.
Total: 28.2 km: Approximately 39 minutes.

Now immersed in the Alpujarra, we propose a descent from Capileira, ascending again to visit Pampaneira, another municipality, that, along with Bubión and Capileira, is located in the gorge of the Poqueira, one of the most visited in the Sierra Nevada National Park. The views from this little motorbike ride deserve some time so you can enjoy the indescribable panoramas.

From Lanjarón to Dúrcal.
Total: 17.4 km: Approximately 23 minutes.

Lanjarón is the town of water. Its sources, flowing everywhere, help you to appreciate the grandeur of the Sierra Nevada underground aquifers and how the land has gained its reputation from them. Not only for the quality of drinking water, but also for the ferruginous compositions of other waters lying at other depths, making this land full of important enclaves for health and wellness tourism which is currently very trendy.

Leaving the Alpujarra, and driving towards our destination of the Lecrín valley, we are about to discover another impressive spot of the province, a special place that will give us a place to rest. It is Durcal, a municipality tucked away in the valley renowned for its orange and lemon crops since ancient times.




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  • Guadix to Laroles
  • Laroles to Trevelez
  • Trevelez to Capileira
  • Capileira to Lanjaron
  • Lanjaron to Durcal

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