Motorbike Routes through the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche - Huelva

Motorbike Routes through the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche - Huelva
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Motorcycle Route through the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.

This suggested route is one of the most beautiful to follow in Andalusia on motorcycle. The Sierra de Aracena Natural Park and Picos de Aroche, located in the western foothills of the Sierra Morena, is one of the most beautiful protected areas of Andalusia.

The chestnut forests, introduced by the Romans, make these pastures a true paradise for the partially free raising of cattle, and also make this land one of the most renowned producers of cured Iberian pork products.

The confluence of three river basins, this is a land rich in water and pastures, making it truly breathtaking.

The underground aquifer filters have also carved one of the most beautiful caves (still in formation) in Southern Europe, the Gruta de las Maravillas, which can be visited in the town of Aracena.

Our Suggestion

From Aroche to Cumbres Mayores. Total: 52.5 km: Approximately 46 minutes. We start in the town of Aroche, situated on a hill facing the peaks of the same name. It is a white mountain town, bathed in sunshine and humid winds coming from the coast of Huelva. It has been declared a town of historical and cultural interest and we can see its bullring located within what were its Almoravid walls. Here we also find Turóbriga, a Spanish Roman city which was founded at the time of Nero and preserves some interesting archaeological sites. On the way to Cumbres Mayores, we come across the pretty town of Cortegana tucked away in the hills, crowned with a beautiful 14th century castle. Once inside the massif of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, we pass towns which may be interesting options to stop and rest, and snack on some of the best Iberian pork products (such as Jabugo Ham). From Cumbres Mayores to Santa Olalla del Cala. Total: 51.9 km: Approximately 55 minutes. Cumbres Mayores is a typical mountain village, which, like all of them in this area, uses its natural meadow environment well for Iberian pig rearing, giving the cuisine that touch of excellence with their own products. Cumbres Mayores has a beautiful 14th century castle which has been declared of Cultural Interest on the top of a hill where you can see the whole town. It was here that the big names in the conquest of the New World left from. Along this section, we pass relevant towns good for a pleasant visit, where you will certainly be welcomed by the warmth and charm of their people: Hinojales, Cañaveral de León and Arroyomolinos de León. It seems that these last ones go by the name "Leon" due to colonial re-populations carried out with populations from the Kingdom of Leon. From Santa Olalla del Cala to Aracena. Total: 41.0 km: Approximately 37 minutes. Santa Olalla del Cala is a town that, since ancient times, was a transit way and union between Emérita Augusta (Mérida) and Itálica, today a very important spot along the Vía de la Plata. We go back east, after passing through Santa Olalla del Cala, and drive along the route following the border with Portugal in Rosal de la Frontera , once a Portuguese town. On the route, heading towards Zufre, we pass a reservoir of the same name. Its scenic beauty certainly doesn't go unnoticed. Going around the nature reserve, we head towards Higuera de la Sierra, located in the Northwest of the Seville province where the meadow landscape, filled with oaks, chestnut trees and holm oaks, surrounds us along the route. Is this town we can see the Cultural Interest sites constituted by their chapels, San Antonio and the Cristo del Rosario. From Aracena to Alájar. Total: 12.2 km: Approximately 22 minutes. Aracena is the capital of the region and gives name to the Sierra and the Natural Park. The city centre, filled with monuments and declared a Cultural Interest site, sits at the foot of the ancient castle and the Nuestra Señora del Mayor Dolor Priory Church, which preserves the minaret of the mosque that preceded it. Apart from this and the many other churches that make up its heritage, another highlight, known as the Gruta de las Maravillas, is one of the most interesting karst complexes Spain. Do not miss the chance to visit the ham museum in the city, where you can taste and buy a wide range of meat products from the Iberian pigs that graze in its pastures. From Alájar to Fuenteheridos. Total: 5.9 km: Approximately 11 minutes. Alájar is a quiet white village with small streets situated in a valley. It is surrounded by hills from where you can admire the beautiful architecture of this tiny town. The urban structure of Fuenteheridos, recommended on our route, is characteristic of this region, with narrow, clean cobbled streets, and a popular type of house that together form a harmonious and welcoming complex, listed as a Cultural Interest Site. Particularly interesting are the Espíritu Santo Church, the Plaza del Coso with the Doce Caños Fountain, and the Villa Onuba estate, which contains a beautiful botanical garden.

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Motorbike Routes through the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche - Huelva
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