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José Mercé


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José Soto Soto was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1955 Raised in the neighbourhood of Santiago, he began to sing in Jueves Flamencos in his homeland and in the 'tablao´ in Cadiz La Cueva del Pájaro Azul Manuel Ríos Ruiz produced his first record at the age of thirteen In order to record it he went to Madrid and installed himself there definitively He is Sorderas nephew and his nick name comes from his participation in the infant choir in the la Merced basilica Once a singer he embarked with Antonio Gades on a tour around half the world and intervened in the Carlos Saura film Bodas de sangre Later he recorded a album with words by Caballero Bonald In 1986 he triumphed in Cordoba´s´ National Competition and installed himself in the Café de Chinitas de Madrid Afterwards he established himself in the summer festivals and each time adopted more personality until now, where he has turned into an idol of the masses, with records such as Del amanecer, produced by Vicente Amigo, or Aire, by Isidro Sanlúcar

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