Sierra Crestellina

Sierra Crestellina
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This protected area is small, but has some highly interesting elements. These include its orography, whose mid-height mountains have crested, inaccessible peaks. This characteristic lies behind the name of the Sierra Crestellina Natural Area. The rugged formations are due to the composition of the rock here - limestone - which gives them a grey colour, different from other mountains nearby.

You will be able to see a wide variety of plant species, such as Atropa baetica. In the shady areas of El Duque Mountain there are still Portuguese oaks and cork trees, typical species of these mountains.

There is much bird life to be seen amidst the vegetation. Los Buitres Viewpoint is an excellent place to see scavenger birds - here you will find the largest colony in the province.

There are several itineraries that will give you the chance to get an overview of the natural wealth and traditional way of life of people in this area since way back in history. One of these routes crosses Las Viñas Pass and the Sierra Crestellina Refuge, where visitors come to enjoy the peace and quiet. From the top of the pass you get a good view of how the landscape varies according to its altitude.

Other viewpoints offer stunning views of the Rock of Gibraltar, Los Alcornocales Nature Park and even the African coast, on clear days. Meanwhile, the Casares Viewpoint offers splendid views of the village, one of the famous "white villages" of Málaga province, which has the Historic-Artistic Site designation.

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Sierra Crestellina
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