Dehesa de Santa Fe

Dehesa de Santa Fe
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This area is located between the depression of the "Vega" (plain) of Granada" and the mountain systems to its south. It has a rich, varied landscape with gentle ridges and more rugged relief in the southernmost part.

This vegetation is home to a wide variety of bird life, and you can see the beautiful tit, the colourful finch and the discrete thrush. Other animals often seen in this area are lizards, snakes and field rats.

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Points d'intérêt

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Services et infrastructures

  • Accessible aux handicapés

Public objectif

Lgbti, je voyage seul, jeune homme, Elder, couples, amis, Famille

Les segments

Loisirs et divertissement, Nature

Unités environnementales

Bassins intrabétiques

Date de déclaration

17 / 10 / 2003

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