La Barrosa

La Barrosa
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La Barrosa Peri-urban Park is next to the coast in the municipal district of Chiclana de la Frontera, a famous tourist destination on account of its beautiful beaches. Besides its designation as a recreation area, it is also interesting from a landscape and environmental perspective.

Here, local residents and visitors alike will find an ideal complement to the beach for their leisure time, shaded by varied vegetation.

The unusual distribution of this area means that it forms part of the urban environment, with a host of possibilities. Close by is the broad beach of La Barrosa, where you can eat typical cooked shrimp and shrimp omelettes; also El Puerco Beach, very peaceful, and Sancti-Petri Beach, known for its castle and good conditions for windsurfing, fishing and scuba diving.

Flora found close to the beach, as is the case here, its characterised by its ability to withstand intense sun and drought. The rest of the area is shaded by a forest of stone pine and the scrub that usually goes with it, with prickly juniper standing out especially.

This ecosystem is home to endangered species such as Thymus albicans, a type of thyme and venus fly traps. It should be noted the chameleon, an emblem of the region.

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