Torre Umbría

Torre Umbría
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This tower is one of the watchtowers that were built on the coast of Huelva to warn of the arrival of Berber pirates. Its construction was ordered by King Felipe II, making it the oldest building in the town.

The interior houses an interesting Visitor Centre for the Torres Almenara, the generic name for this type of construction.

It is in the form of a truncated cone, more than 14 metres high and with an access at the top. It has a circular vaulted chamber, which by means of a spiral staircase gives access to another room with the same characteristics, and which finally provides access to the top of the tower, where the guard's sentry box was located. 

These towers communicated with each other by means of bonfires to warn of the arrival of pirates with enough time for the population to seek protection.
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Torre Umbría
Calle Lepanto, s/n, 21100
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