Located in the extreme north west of the province, the landscape ranges from countryside to marshes, the former being employed in agriculture, the latter, near the mouth of the River Guadalquivir, consisting of unspoiled scenery of extreme beauty. The highlights of the AREA Natural Park.

The marshes were used by Steven Spielberg in a number scenes from his film EMPIRE OF THE SUN (1987).

The village, located atop a gentle hill which affords fine views of the whole municipal AREA, is of Arabic origin; worthy of note are the remains of Perez de Guzman Castle and La Purisima Concepcion Church.

General information

Tourist Area: Costa de la Luz (Cádiz) Province: Cádiz Distance from the capital (km): 57 Altitude above sea level (m): 82 Area (Km2): 70 Nº of inhabintants: 6927 name for people: Trebujeneros Postal code: 11560 Web: